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25 March, 2011

This Game has Gear Progression!

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Is it Friday already? I guess it is! I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw that Bioware released another Friday update! This week, we are fortunate for several reasons. First, we have an awesome video that shows the armor (and some skills?) progression for the Jedi Knight. Second, we found out, through Twitter, that this video was created by none other than Brandon Miletta (formerly of Torocast). Brandon and the rest of the team did an amazing job! Every time Bioware shows us the next new thing, I literally re-think the class choice I will be making when the game launches!

I actually really liked the look of this particular Jedi Sentinal outfit.  Not sure why, but I think it’s the cool, and contrasting colours.  Also, if you look around in the videos, it seems that the graphics have really been taken to yet another level.  They are definitely exceeding my expectations already, and I believe that they will only get better!

I am no Darth Hater, but I have a feeling we may have seen a new skill as well.  Have a look at the picture.  You will see what looks like a sabre throw, but wait, the Sentinal still has both light sabres in his hand.  Is this something new?  What do you all think?


Watching the video yourself will be better than reading more words from me at this point. Have a look for yourself and see why I get more excited to actually play this game every time I see something new from Bioware!

  • http://thadeshammer.wordpress.com thade

    The sentinel throwing his lightsaber but still holding two…I can’t find a source to confirm it, but I’m 90% certain I read somewhere that was a known bug (on the TOR forums, I think). I can’t find it though. Still, I’m with you on the excitement here. I wonder how much control we’ll have over the look of our avatars where gear progression is concerned.

    • Adaram

      Sorry I missed this comment until now. I have been away and didn’t have very much internet access. That’s hilarious if it was a bug! And if not, I agree with you that it’s pretty exciting stuff! I am hoping that we have good control over our “look”. The color matching system is a step in the right direction, and full cosmetic slots would give everyone the best of both worlds. But I don’t need cosmetic slots for launch. I would prefer to be able to PLAY!

      • http://thadeshammer.wordpress.com thade

        We are in accord. =)

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  • mikeField

    nice video and screenshot ;)
    I really like their outfits which are whether longrobes or great gear like lightsaber, armor etc.
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  • Kenry

    jedi Knight! Cool! I plan to play them at launch ;)

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